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It's Kristine, with a K. 

I have been a storyteller since I could speak, much to my parent’s dismay. Whether it was via my artistic or verbal talents, I always had something to say. I'm a strategic over-thinker, and growing up in a home of scientists only fueled my love for finding insights. Researching and developing strategies was a normal thing for my ten-year-old self to do. I am a feisty and passionate person, so much so that at the age of five I wrote to the San Diego Zoo expressing my concern for their Polar Bear. I take that same youthful passion and infuse it into everything I do.

I write as fast as I speak and at any given moment you can catch me jotting down a handful of ideas. So you can see it's only natural for me to take my passion for storytelling and talking and turn it into my career. A path that’s allows me to stretch my strategic mind, all while learning how to use my knack of persuasion for good.